16 May 2014

In & Out of Season

Into the Squall, 2014. Mixed media on art board, 12x9"

Artistically, and otherwise, I want to be "in season" -to be attuned to the distinctive light and shadow, heat or chill, and other natural conditions in the cycle of the year. I want to work with the elements.

On this warm Spring evening, these wintry paintings debuted at the Dana Gallery's "Icons of the West" show. They were made months ago when digging through the wild drifts presented not only a practical challenge, but inspiration for images of inundation and perseverance.

The work was created in season and enthusiastically. Though Winter will come again in the turning of the year, all these cold blues (never mind the snow) seem untimely now. Hopefully, their underlying interests, what they portray of human endeavor remains timeless and poignant.

Drifts Study I, 2014. Mixed media on canvas panel, 12x9".

Drifts Study II, 2014. Mixed media on canvas panel, 12x9".