24 September 2014

Passion & Pragmatism

Plow & Reap, 2012. Oil on canvases, each 16x12".

I often say that my life and work are powered by the dual forces of Passion and Pragmatism. These forces, however, are not always in stride. For months now, as I have renovated my home and studio, Pragmatism has held the lead. Now in a period of transition, I want Passion to pull ahead. It takes some discipline to enter and remain in the studio. The ordinary intrusions of the ringing telephone, a bill to pay, laundry to do, are now joined by all the "loose ends" of remodeling. So it is with great determination that I devote myself to the exploration and expression of imagination.

These two draft horses, adorned with "P" medallions, are emblems of those two forces joined, working together in the furtherance of my visions -here at home and in the vast fields of creative endeavor.

18 September 2014

Knows One Thing Well

"The fox knows many things. The porcupine knows one thing well." -Russian Proverb

Knows Many Things, 2001. Oil on paper, 16x20".

Knows One Thing Well, 2001. Oil on paper, 16x20".

I like to think of myself as a porcupine, but I'm not so sure that is true.

At the beginning of Summer, this swiftly passing season of flowering and fruiting, I embarked on an extensive process to renovate my home and studio. During this labor-intensive period I have used virtually every tool in my tool box. I am glad to have them. As I celebrate the changes I have made (not entirely alone), I also feel gratitude for the ability to perform these varied tasks. I've sawn and sanded, primed and puttied, sewn and varnished.... I have been acting like the fox.

I long now, at Summer's, to get back into the studio. I yearn to be once again, the porcupine, knowing one thing well.