15 May 2015

Commencement Day

In 1994 I graduated from the University of Montana with a Master of Fine Arts degree. That day was truly a commencement for me. I decided, as an experiment, to see if I could make art my livelihood -if only for a year. I am glad and grateful to acknowledge that more than two decades later, the experiment continues.

It is an experiment indeed. Year to year my income from art changes with circumstances, opportunities, the vagaries of the market. Through all of this the spiritual sustenance I receive from image-making is steady. That is what I truly chose, when I chose to make art my livelihood. I can, more than many, devote my energies to my passion.

Yes, I've done other sorts of work from time to time to enhance my income: property management, home repairs and improvements, sketching in the courts, illustration and design, and teaching more than anything else. Teaching is a naturally part of the labor of sharing what I love. Let me continue to support other artists in their endeavors. May we each learn to manifest our visions, and keep envisioning!

I'm cognizant of the beautiful fact that this is possible because of others' choices hundred of choices. Those who have invested in my art work have funded its continuation and evolution.

So in I expressing my gratitude for this challenging, creative enterprise, I wish to THANK the hundreds of people -collectors and curators, models and gallerists, teachers, friends, family and neighbors who have provided support to me as an artist. You have make my living, in art, possible.

I shall continue seeking new possibilities every day, in each season and year by year, with gratitude.