17 August 2014


Flourishing, 2014. Mural, c. 6x32". Bitterroot Spur Trail at Third Street in Missoula, Montana. 
How quickly this mural became OURS.

Yes, it began as a collaborative effort with Nutritional Labs, the Riverfront Neighborhood Council, art students from Willard Alternative High School, Missoula's Office of Neighborhoods and Public Art. But because our work took place in the "public eye", we received questions and comments about the project from the very first stroke. It was encouraging to hear so many positive remarks from passersby on the pedestrian trail. I am also heartened by what that interest and support means to the community at large.

I know I have much more to learn about collaborating, and that ultimately each cooperative enterprise will be as unique as all the participants. I am hopeful that this native plant imagery will continue on that long wall beside the Bitterroot Spur Trail in further installments. What now brightens that wall has certainly been warmly received. I'm glad to be living in a community that supports the cultivation of beauty in so many forms.