20 March 2014

New Greens

New Greens (Well, almost.)

On the Vernal Equinox we can at least begin to see the ground. And watch it slowly, steadily springing back from the weight of Winter.

This painting, The Green Door (March), 1999, was part of a series in which I explored the turning of the year, month by month at the turn of the century. Seasonal change and natural cycles are perennial themes in my art.

04 March 2014

A World of Whites

A World of Whites

Lost Trail, 2004. Oil on canvas, 16x20".

I love to work in season - portraying the elements as I am experiencing them in the world outside the studio. 

I have trouble keeping up however. We have, for example, received feet of snow in blankets and drifts in recent weeks. All this snow, a beautiful, bewildering and intriguing world of whites, has begun to appear on pages and canvases, but what do you want to bet, it will have disappeared before I plow my way through all these images? 

This is part of the reason I am experimenting with a new process, one that allows for more direct reflection of ideas and experiences, but also more immediate expression of sentiments and sensations. Hopefully, I will be able to share some of these new compositions before they appear out of season.