14 February 2015

Giving Thanks


Wild Turkey I, II, III, IV, 2014. Graphite on paper, Graphite & chalk on paper, Graphite & oil on paper, Graphite & oil on art board. Each, 10x8". (These Wild Turkey studies were part of my Thanksgiving feast back in November, 2014.)

I have been feeling so grateful following the Open Studios I recently hosted. After two long years of repairing and remodeling my house, it was a joy to throw open the doors (even in the dead of Winter.)

The experience has given me much to reflect on. I have been thinking about gratitude itself. Gratitude may be associated with contentment, a sense of belonging or good fortune. I enjoy that, but more than ever recognize gratitude as a force, a source of motivation. All this stimulation and affirmation have not only "re-warmed" my home, but kindled my creative fires. I want to live up to my blessings. I want to see them repeat and multiply in all of our lives.

As children -and adults- we are often chided to "count our blessings". Sometimes we do need to be prompted in that way, to appreciate what we have, as well as what we have been spared. But rarely does forced (or enforced) gratitude bring us into the inspiring dynamics of giving and receiving. I'm so glad to be in that virtuous cycle with friends and neighbors near and far. Still and again, THANKS.